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Criminal Defense Attorneys

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Customer Testimonials I wanted to sincerely thank you for your assistance in expunging my son's convictions. My son was devastated by the thought of these conviction records, and I am glad you were recommended to me. Tony, I can't thank you enough and I will definitely recommend you to others.
Albert S.

Mr. Seyfi, you gave my freedom back to me. I remember that you were always confident about my case, and more importantly you believed in me, and you patiently listened to me. I always knew that I was innocent, and I didn't want to accept a plea. You are a true example of a passionate and hard working attorney.
Sincerely, Oscar P.

I just wanted to thank you, Mr. Seyfi, for caring and always listening to me during the course of my jury trial. You never showed any weakness, and I could see that in the eyes of the jurors, and once you gave your closing argument, I knew the jury would find me not guilty, and they did. Thank You so much.
Miguel, O.

I could be sitting here and still worrying about why the prosecutors filed a felony case against me. But thanks to you, Mr. Seyfi, we put a quick end to all that, because you reduced the case to a misdemeanor and got assurance from the court that my case be dismissed if I completed community service. Mr. Seyfi, you were able to see that the prosecution did not have a strong case or evidence against me and you diligently represented me all along. I commend you for your courage in the criminal court and you advocacy and language power.
Tammy E.

As a previous client of yours, I would like to thank you for providing the best possible representation in court. Mr. Seyfi, you were reliable, accurate and provided me with valuable case analysis and information. I am particularly greatfull for your individual attention to my case and hours and hours of discussions that we had.
Sharon A.

I just wanted to tell you that I love your website, and I will continue to tell anyone I know to visit your website for valuable information it offers. I believe your website is easy to follow and I am astounded at the enormous wealth of information that your website offers and I believe anyone who faces an arrest should have these resources available to them.
Tatyana T.

I would heartily recommend you, Mr. Seyfi, to anyone with a need for criminal defense representation. You are patient, yet aggressive. You are disciplined, yet compassionate. And in handling my case, you were a true professional. Lastly I wanted to thank you for understanding my financial situation and arranging a payment plan for me.
Joe S.

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