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Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer with Nineteen Years of Criminal Defense Experience

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer:

Tony M. Seyfi is one of the best local Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyers whose main focus in criminal courts is dismissing a case. Tony wants to avoid conviction for his clients and wants them to avoid jail time. The first thing you will notice about our criminal defense lawyers is that they will take your case seriously and will investigate it to your satisfaction. Criminal arrest shouldn't be taken lightly and you deserve the best attorney representation in a criminal matter. Our defense will be focused on asserting your constitutional rights if you are arrested or under investigation. Keep these tips in mind if you ever get arrested or charged with a crime in Los Angeles: DO NOT plead guilty simply because you think you have no defense. You will be surprised how we could defend your case. DO NOT consent to a search of your home or car, unless the officers show you a valid search warrant. DO NOT speak with . . . more information.

Sexual Abuse False Accusation Criminal Lawyer Los Angeles:

If your are falsely accused of a crime or Sexual Abuse you didn't commit, or if you are under investigation in Los Angeles but you believe you are innocent, consult with Tony M. Seyfi, esq. who has extensive experience in defending False Accusation of Child Abuse or False Allegation of Child Molestation. We have successfully defended many false criminal accusations . . . more information.

Best DUI Defense Lawyer: Aggressive Experienced Criminal Lawyer Los Angeles:

Got a DUI? Have you been arrested and charged with DUI or "refusal" under California Vehicle Code 23152 VC or 23153 VC and need the best and most aggressive DUI attorney in Los Angeles County? Do you believe you have a "no driving" defense? Was there an "illegal stop" before your DUI arrest"? Are you worried about losing your job or driver's license? Tony M. Seyfi has handled more than 2000 DUI matters and with his extensive experience, you can rest assured he will aggressively defend your drunk driving case and will fight to win your case . . . more information.

False Accusation Allegation of Child Sexual Abuse or Molestation Best Criminal Defense Lawyer Los Angeles

Have you been arrested in Los Angeles county and charged with Child Sexual Abuse or Molestation or a sex crime under California Penal Code 261 PC 261.5 PC, 288 PC, 288.1 PC, 288.3 PC, 288.5 PC, 289 PC? Do you believe you are falsely accused of this serious crime? Do you believe the alleged victim's allegations are false? Are you intimidated by judges and courts and worried about going to jail? Are you worried about sex registration under Penal Code 290 or 290 PC? Tony M. Seyfi, esq. has extensive experience in defending "False Accusation of Child Abuse or False Allegation of Child Molestation". At the law offices of criminal defense lawyer Tony M. Seyfi, you will be well informed about your rights and you will be guided with precision as to the steps you need to take before you go to court. Our attorneys are aggressive and have extensive experience in handling sexual abuse and child sexual abuse matters in all Southern California and Los Angeles county courts, so you will be aggressively represented and using our experience we will do what it takes to keep you from going to jail and losing your job. WE CAN HELP. For Best Advice, Call 866-533-3363

 Tony M. Seyfi is an aggressive False Accusation of Child Abuse or False Allegation of Child Molestation criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles and all Southern California courts with NINETEEN YEARS EXPERIENCE. In some misdemeanor cases, you may not even need to go to court, so you will save time, money, and the aggravation of court procedures.

 We will take your case to jury trial to win it. Or if you prefer to plea bargain your case or dismiss your case, we can fashion a proper defense to help you get your sex crime CHARGES REDUCED or DISMISSED, and can MINIMIZE YOUR FINES, if any. We will also visit the inmate, if your loved one or your spouse is in jail. We can CLEAN your criminal record and expunge your past arrest records.

 We will INFORM YOU OF YOUR RIGHTS in a sex crime case, so you will know what is the best possible resolution in your case. An experienced sex crime attorney will always be there to answer your questions. We are aggressive in court, yet friendly in explaining to you the progress in your case.

 And most importantly, we have THE LOWEST FEES IN Los Angeles with no strings attached! Optional PAYMENT PLANS are also available. Are you falsely accused of a sex crime? Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty. Call Our Toll Free Number Now 866-5-DEFEND.

Temporary Restraining Order TRO Hearing Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles:

If you have been served with DV-110 or a temporary restraining order (TRO) or facing violation of a restraining order or contempt under California Penal Code 166 PC, 136.2 PC, or 836 PC in a domestic violence case, and if you need a criminal attorney to fight and defend the request for a permanent restraining order or TRO in civil court hearing, please contact us now. Do you believe that you didn't commit a crime or you didn't do anything wrong? Are you confused about how to respond to a restraining order petition? Do you think more investigation is needed before the hearing? Consult with Tony M. Seyfi, an experienced criminal defense attorney who has successfully defended many of restraining orders.

In preparing a request for restraining order we help you complete the following steps: 1. Fill out all necessary court forms for a R.O. and prepare them for filing with the court.

2. File your petition or request for RO with the proper court.

3. Serve the T.R.O. on the restrained person, or the person you are seeking the order against.

4. Attend the hearing in court.

5. Negotiate with opposing party or their counsel to seek possible peaceful resolution of the matter.

6. You will receive expert advice as to how to avoid possible filing of criminal charges due to contempt or violation of the restraining order.

Form DV-110: This form contains all details of a restraining order. Make sure you carefully read it and understand the terms. The restraining order may order you to stay away from all those mentioned in the order and from specified places or locations.

Form DV-120: Use this form to respond to a Request for Domestic Violence Restraining Order.

In Los Angeles, the purpose of a restraining order in civil courts or a protective order in criminal courts is to protect a person from physical or sexual abuse, so that he or she may no longer be threatened, harassed or stalked. Restraining orders may also include other protected persons such as family members or children.

A restraining order may include personal conduct orders that specify what specific acts may not be done against those named in the restraining order. For instance the restrained person may be prohibited from calling, sending any text messages or emails to the protected person. The judge may also order one not to strike, batter, attack, stalk, threaten, harass, sexually assault, disturb the peace or destroy personal property of the protected persons named in the restraining order.

A typical restraining order or a protective order includes a stay-away order which is intended to keep the restrained person a certain distance, generally 100 yards, away from the protected person, her place of residence or work, her vehicle, or her children’s schools.

If a protective order is issued in a domestic violence case or in a dependent adult abuse restraining order case, you may be ordered to leave your home or move out and take only clothing and personal belongings until the court hearing.

A restraining order may also affect or limit one’s ability to see his or her children. You may be ordered not to own a gun for a period of 10 years and to turn in or sell any guns you already have in your possession.

There are various types of restraining orders one may seek from the court such as domestic violence restraining orders, civil harassment restraining orders, elder or dependent adult abuse restraining orders, and workplace violence restraining orders.

You may ask for a domestic violence restraining order if someone has physically abused or threatened you with serious injury or harm and you fear for your safety. For DV R.O., you must be married to, live with, or have a current or past domestic relationship with the other person. So, you can request for a DV restraining order if you are registered domestic partners, dating or used to date, have a child together, divorced, separated, or live together or used to live together, or if you are closely related such as brothers, sisters, parents, children, grandmothers, grandfathers, or an in-laws.

To learn more about domestic violence restraining orders and the restraining order court process, Call 866-533-3363.

Aggressive Experienced Affordable Federal Court Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles

It is important to take a federal crime very seriously. The federal sentencing guidelines are usually strictly applied and as a result, one could end up in federal prison for a long period of time. If you have been charged with a federal crime, absent aggressive criminal defense by an experienced criminal attorney specialized in Los Angeles federal courts, you could face serious consequences and lengthy prison sentences.

For instance, U.S. attorneys don't mind sending you to federal prison for several years for a simple case of possession of drugs for sales, when in state courts you may have only done a few days in custody and probation. Don't risk going to a federal court alone. If you need an aggressive federal criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles, call the Law Offices of Tony M. Seyfi for a free initial consultation at 866-533-3363.

Aggressive Affordable Shoplifting Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles

Probably one of the most devastating crimes emotionally and psychologically is Shoplifting. As a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney, Tony M. Seyfi has extensive knowledge in the area of theft defense under California Penal Code 484PC, 487PC, 459PC and is a true counselor when comes to communicating with those accused of shoplifting and other theft crimes. Whether a first-time offense or a repeat offense of shoplifting, it doesn't matter. A caring criminal attorney knows how to take the psychological effects of this crime on those who get arrested seriously. At the Law Offices of Tony M. Seyfi in Los Angeles, we want to make sure that we not only defend you in court, but we explain to you how to cope with this trauma while going to court.

Affordable Experienced Juvenile Court Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles

The Juveniles court system in Los Angeles functions very different that adult courts. Attorney Tony M. Seyfi believes that if your child or a minor you know is charged with a crime, you need a juvenile court criminal defense attorney and not a lawyer who only handles adult cases and spends all his time in Los Angeles criminal courts for adults.

Proper Juvenile Defense also requires that the attorney have compassion for a child's well being and the ability to communicate well with the minor's parents. Most juveniles are not true criminals and deserve a chance for rehabilitation and that is what our focus is in defending our clients in juvenile courts.

Experienced Aggressive Domestic Violence Assault Battery Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles

At the Law Offices of Tony M. Seyfi in Los Angeles county and all neighboring counties, we handle all types of domestic violence cases. Domestic Violence refers to a crime that involves the use of force, a threat, assault, battery, or physical violence or unlawful touching between spouses domestic partners, or unmarried cohabitants. crime may be charged under California Penal Code 273.5, 273.5 PC, 273.5PC, 242PC, 242 PC, 245PC, 245 PC, 243(E)PC, 243PC, 422PC, 422 PC. Proper defense of a domestic violence crime in Los Angeles courts requires experience. Attorney Tony M. Seyfi with more than 19 years of experience is well known and respected in Los Angeles Criminal courts and will guarantee you results that aren't provided by an average criminal lawyer. For a free consultation, please call us at 866-5-DEFEND.

Aggressive Criminal Defense Attorney Affordable Rates:

Tony M. Seyfi is a local and experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney with more than 15 years experience. Using creative legal strategies, we defend clients charged with all types of criminal offenses, felonies and misdemeanors at affordable rates.

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys will aggressively defend you in Los Angeles Criminal courts, state or federal, if you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense. Being convicted of a crime may have serious consequences, such losing your job, incarceration, or deportation if you are not a United States citizen and have been charged with a felony involving moral turpitude.

Local Criminal attorney, Tony M. Seyfi is very aggressive in court and will fight the prosecutor in Los Angeles courts and if charges have not been filed, your defense will include stopping police investigation and convincing Los Angeles detectives not to bring criminal charges against you. Mr. Seyfi is aggressive and affordable; he has extensive jury trial and court experience and handles all types and levels of crimes and offenses, including DUI, drunk driving, shoplifting, Domestic Violence, petty theft, assault, battery, juvenile matters or offenses in juvenile court, and serious felony charges such as Robbery, Residential Burglary, possession of drugs for sales, Child Sexual Abuse, and murder. We also aggressively represent clients in driving offenses such as hit and run, reckless driving, driving on a suspended license, and California administrative per se DMV hearings.

Los Angeles Bail Review Criminal Lawyer:

We not only defend our clients in court, we help them bail out of jail prior to their court hearing date. We also help them save money in dealing with bail bond agencies in Los Angeles county, California. If a client is convicted of a charge, we help them with expungement of their conviction help them to clean their criminal record.

To help a loved one bail out of jail and for consultation with a Criminal Lawyer regarding a bail review or hearing in Los Angeles, call us now. We will supply you with the best decisions to save money in bailing someone out and the best criminal defense strategies available in Los Angeles courts. Our LA defense lawyers will make sure that you are taking advantage of all available bail options and arguments and avoiding any unnecessary expenses . . . more information.

Aggressive Experienced Los Angeles Probation Violation Criminal Lawyer:

If you are being investigated by a detective, or if you believe you are in violation of probation, we could help you. Probation violation or failure to appear does not always mean you are going to jail. If you believe you have a bench warrant for your arrest and you are afraid to go to a criminal court in Los Angeles county, California, contact an experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer now. We will guide you as to available options and best possible strategy and defenses. You could avoid jail time at your probation violation hearing if you take some necessary steps based on our legal advice.

Low Cost Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer:

We provide you with free phone consultation and will answer your legal questions and have convenient payment plans or arrangements for low income families and those experiencing financial hardship. We are the low cost Los Angeles Criminal Lawyers and our legal attorney’s fees are reasonable and we will never have hidden costs. Mr. Seyfi is not a criminal lawyer who ignores your calls and doesn’t answer your questions. He is dedicated to providing personal service at a low cost and giving you individual attention. He understands that you are probably going through some of the most devastating moments of your life. So, he will take the time to talk to you and explain to you the best defense strategies in Los Angeles criminal courts. At any court in Los Angeles county and neighboring counties, you will feel confident that you will be properly and adequately represented.

We have handled hundreds of criminal matters and we will fight for you in court until we win or get you the desired result.

DMV Hearing DUI Driver's License Suspension Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer:

Have you been arrested for a DUI in Los Angeles and your driver's license is in danger of being suspended by DMV? If your blood alcohol content or BAC was over .08 (.08 grams of alcohol per 100 grams of your blood), and if you fail to request an administrative per se hearing within 10 days of your arrest, your license could be suspended for 90 days for first DUI and for longer periods for second and third offense. For more information on DL suspension periods, click here..

For information on the following topics or to discuss your DMV hearing issues, contact us now: 866-533-3363 1. Age 21 and older officer's sworn statement or DS367 or DS 367M 2. Driver's license suspension or revocation for multiple drunk driving offenses. 3. California Driver's license suspension for commercial drivers holding a class A or class B license and driving a commercial vehicle or their own private vehicle. 4. PAS or preliminary alcohol screening test 5. Chemical Test Refusal and its consequences on driver's license suspension 6. No driving defense to DUI charges 7. Illegal stop or arrest for DUI and prolonged detentions without probable cause. 8. Field sobriety tests or FST's and determination of objective symptoms of intoxication 9. Chemical testing including breath tests for DUI under California Code of Regulations, Title 17 10. Breath test machine operator's certification and operator qualifications 11. California Vehicle Code Sections 13353, 13353.1, 13353.2, 13389 12. California Department of Motor Vehicle's notice of stay on the suspension of driver's license. 13. Traffic accident report and SR-1 14. CHP memorandum or report 15. LAPD determination of probable cause for DUI arrest 16. Challenging blood test or breath test results at a DMV hearing

List of Most Common Crimes and California Penal Codes

Aggressive Experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Lawyer Drug Charge, Child Sexual Abuse, Child Molestation Criminal Defense Lawyer Los Angeles, Rape, Statutory Rape Criminal Defense Lawyer, Juvenile Court, Joyriding, Grand Theft Auto, GTA, Burglary, Robbery, Armed Robbery, Residential Burglary, Home Invasion Robbery, Grand Theft, Embezzlement, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Drug Distribution, Drug Possession, Drug Trafficking, Petty Theft, DMV Hearing, 3 Strike Case, Indecent Exposure, Prostitution, Soliciting Prostitution, Aggravated Sexual Assault, Vandalism, Tagging, Gang Injunction, Brandishing a Firearm, Gang Shooting, Gang ViolenceFailure to Appear (FTA), 20002 20001 VC Accident Injury DUI Hit and Run LA, DUI 23152 23153 VC Accident Injury Defense LA, Bench Warrant FTA Failure to Appear LA Court Hearing, Concealed Gun Weapon Charges 12020 12025 12031 245 PC GBI Injury LA, Child Pornography 311.3 311.11 PC LA, Check Fraud 470 470a 476 PC LA , Bank Fraud 476 PC, Credit Card Debit Card Fraud 484 484e 484f 484g 484h PC LA , Counterfeit Goods 470b Fake DL Driver's License 472PC Counterfeiting 4461 VC Disability Placards 472 Forgery LA , Money Laundering 186.10 PC CA LA, Drug Sales 11351 11352 11359 HS LA CA, Proposition 36 CA Drug Diversion PC1000 Live-in Locked Down Facility Treatment Program DEJ LA CA, PC1000 Drug Court DEJ Qualification LA CA, PC 1000 DEJ drug court defense attorney Los Angeles, Formal Diversion Felony Probation Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles CA, Drug Programs in LA, LAX Airport Traffic Citation Suspended License 14601 14601.1 14601.2 No Jail Criminal Defense Lawyer, Criminal Threat 422 PC CA Defense Lawyer, Evading 2800.1VC 2800.2VC Defense Lawyer Los Angeles, DUI Best Defense Lawyer In Los Angeles 23152 23153, Suspended License, Concealed Weapon, Rape 261PC Criminal Defense Lawyer Los Angeles CA Our Office aggressively represents clients in cases such as Drug Charges such as cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine or prescription drugs and controlled substances Distribution, Possession, or Trafficking. If you have been charged with Drug Sales under HS11351, 11352, 11357, 11359, call us now for help. You may also be eligible for Proposition 36, PC1000, PC 1000, Formal Diversion, Drug Program, etc. We can also help you if you have a Bench Warrant, LAX Airport Citation, Evading, DUI, Suspended License, or an Administrative Per Se DMV Hearing, a Failure to Appear, (FTA), a Hit and Run, or need DUI Defense. Our Criminal Defense Attorneys have extensive training and experience in sex cases such as Rape, Statutory Rape, Indecent Exposure, Prostitution, Soliciting Prostitution, Child Pornography, Rape, Child Sexual Abuse, Child Molestation, and Aggravated Sexual Assault. In the white collar crime category, we are experienced and aggressive and represent clients in criminal matters such as Check Fraud, Bank Fraud, Credit Card Fraud, Counterfeit Goods, and Money Laundering. In the violent crimes category, we handle charges such as Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Gun Charges, Criminal Threat, Robbery, Armed Robbery, Residential Burglary, Home Invasion Robbery, and Concealed Weapon. In Juvenile Court, we represent minors in Brandishing a Firearm, Gang Shooting, Joyriding, Vandalism, Tagging, Gang Injunction, and Gang Violence . Call us now at 866-533-3363 if you have been charged with or accused of a Theft crime such as Grand Theft Auto, GTA, Burglary, Grand Theft, Embezzlement, Petty Theft, Providing that a criminal lawyer in our Los Angeles firm is retained to represent an individual, we will promptly assist you with possible temporary release of that person from custody from Los Angeles county jail. We will, at your request and instruction hire an experienced and top investigator to assist in the defense of your case. Your caring defense lawyer will discuss your defense strategies, and present the best plan necessary to fulfill your expectations. Our Criminal Defense Lawyers practice in all Southern California Criminal courts including: click here for details.

For a free consultation, CALL 866-533-3363


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