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Smoking Ban In Beverly Hills takes effect October 1, 2007

Starting October 1, 2007, no more cigarette smoking even if you are dining outdoor at a Beverly Hills, California restaurant. Beverly Hills is joining other cities in Los Angeles County such as Burbank, Calabasas and Santa Monica to promote a smoke-free air.

California law had already prohibited smoking inside restaurants, cafes and bars. So, is it a crime if you are sitting outside a Beverly Hills restaurant or hotel and smoking a cigarette? The city ordinance imposes a $100 fine for the first offense, a $200 fine for a second offense within one year and a $500 for fine for each additional violation within one year.

However, it is not expected that Beverly Hills police enforce the law vigorously since the idea is to encourage people not to smoke and to be aware of the dangers of second hand smoking. If the ban results in too many problems such as loss of business for various venues, the City Council could repeal or modify the ordinance.

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