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Santa Ana Police Department takes Graffiti threats to California governor, Jerry Brown, seriously.

Santa Ana Police Department takes threats to California governor, Jerry Brown, seriously. It appears that the threats made to the California governor are direct and explicit in that the threats have been placed in the form of graffiti on the walls. The threats give a specific date on which the governor is supposed to be assassinated. In California it is a crime to place graffiti on the walls and a separate crime to make a criminal threat. Political motives and freedom of speech are not proper criminal defenses and could not be asserted by no criminal defense attorney. These threats come shortly after the attempted murder of Arizona republican, Gabrielle Giffords and the killing of six others. The criminal defense attorney who is representing the suspect in the Arizona case has not commented on the recent threats.

California has long been the center of activity by various criminal gangs who exchange threats to rival gangs by placing graffiti on the walls and sending serious messages to rival gang members that their lives may be in danger or coming to an end. However, criminal attorneys rarely confront situations where street walls are used as a medium to convey a serious threat to a political figure.

California, particularly Los Angeles County has long battled the crime of graffiti writing. This time, Santa Ana police is faced with a serious threat and must take protecting the life of the sitting governor seriously.

In the context of criminal defense, Attorneys could defend the suspect charged with felony graffiti charges by alleging mistaken identity. Alleging that the suspect is not the one who did the alleged crime is common in defending graffiti charges. This mistaken identity defense could be proven by comparing the writings on the walls with multiple writing samples from the suspect(s).

Threats that are made using graffiti on street walls must be taken seriously by California authorities. Many gangs follow through with the threats that they make against rival gang members. Gang members usually use signs, monikers and unique tattoos to deliver a message. In general, gangs in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas have been problematic for the law enforcement and there has been a long battle between major gangs and the authorities - with gangs attempting to announce their presence or success and the authorities trying to declare successful suppression of same gangs.

The Law Offices of Tony M. Seyfi, APLC is the leading criminal defense attorney law firm in the center of Los Angeles, California and has locations throughout entire Southern California. The Attorneys in the law firm are specialized in successfully defending gang allegation charges by applying their knowledge of the California court system and the method of operation by California Law Enforcement.

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