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Criminal Defense Attorneys

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Criminal Defense Lawyer, Tony M. Seyfi, of Los Angeles, California, has 19 years of experience, knowledge, background and understanding in the Criminal Defense arena. Mr. Seyfi is a caring yet aggressive advocate with effective representation, confidence and insight that criminal Defense cases require, regardless of whether the case calls for "plea bargain" or "jury Trial". With Nineteen years of experience as a seasoned criminal trial lawyer in Los Angeles, Mr. Seyfi can provide you with that high caliber legal representation in court that you require and deserve.

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Member of California Bar Association, and admitted to U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, Licensed by The Supreme Court of California.

OUR COMMITMENT: Our Criminal Defense Law Firm is based in California and led by Trial Attorney Tony M. Seyfi, who has 19 years of legal expertise. We practice Criminal Defense in State, Federal, and Juvenile Courts. If you have already been charged with DUI or any other crime, if you believe you are about to be charged with a crime, or concerned that you may be under investigation, please call us for a FREE CONSULTATION

OUR FEES: At the Law Offices of Tony M. Seyfi, we are PROFESSIONAL, YET AFFORDABLE and our goal is to provide the best possible attorney representation. We are determined and aggressive when it comes to defending our clients. We are an experienced criminal defense firm that will give each and every client the individual attention they deserve.

OUR STAFF: We at the Law Offices of Tony M. Seyfi strive to establish long-term, solid relationships with our clients. In order to ensure such relationships, our staff is trained to be responsive, knowledgeable, caring and most importantly available at all times to our clients.

OUR LOCATION: Our law offices are located in Los Angeles, California, however, we appear in all Southern California courts, including Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. We have offices in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Culver City, LAX, El Segundo, Long Beach, Torrance, El Monte, East LA, Glendale, Van Nuys, Woodland Hills, Burbank, Valencia, and Hollywood.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: At the Law Offices of Tony M. Seyfi, APLC, we understand that each client has a unique and different need and deserves quality representation, particularly in a situation where one's liberty may be at stake. We also recognize that an arrest may be the single most difficult emotional experience of one's life. So we consistently strive to provide high level of representation and client support, and listen to the specific and individual needs of each particular client and provide a strong and aggressive, yet caring and compassionate representation unique to each particular client.Tony M. Seyfi on Google +

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